A Year in Review: 2016

A Year in Review 2016

There was a lot to be sad about and to mourn over in 2016. We lost many brilliant sparks and the political culmination of Brexit and the Presidential Election this year has left us wan with disappointment. So, instead of focusing on all the ways that 2016 was a collective disappointment, I want to take one last look back over the small victories and happenings in my personal life that made 2016 enjoyable!

Things Achieved/ Happened in 2016

  1. Got a job in London
  2. Got first job in Publishing
  3. Moved to London
  4. Started renting a flat
  5. Moved in with boyfriend
  6. Spent 3 weeks in Nigeria
  7. Left the continent for the first time
  8. Took part in a traditional Nigerian wedding
  9. Attended London Book Fair
  10. Started listening to books on Audible regularly
  11. Booked tickets to spend 2 weeks in Florida with friends
  12. Took part in World Book Night for the 3rd year
  13. Attended my first book blogging event with Books with Bite
  14. Longlisted for the UKYA Book Blogger Awards
  15. Took part in the #TommyVCancer Tour
  16. Attended my first London book launch – Rig by Jon Wallace
  17. Celebrated 4 years of blogging with my biggest giveaway ever
  18. Started bullet journaling
  19. Held a Chameleon
  20. Saw The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time on stage
  21. Attended the launch of The Creeper Man by Dawn Kurtagich
  22. Attended YALC
  23. Attended the midnight launch of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  24. Interviewed by the BBC at said launch and was subsequently on the TV!
  25. Attended my first interview for an amazing job
  26. Organised 30 days of author guest posts in August
  27. Read my book of the year – Nina is Not Ok by Shappi Khorsandi
  28. Attended my second interview for an amazing job
  29. Accepted a job as Communications Executive at John Murray Press
  30. Rejoined the gym
  31. Hosted my first panel with the amazing Patrice Lawrence, Kathryn Evans, Sue Wallman, Olivia Levez and Eugene Lambert
  32. Attended my friend book launch (read Affliction by Kasim)
  33. Started my new job at Hachette UK
  34. Failed NaNoWriMo for the first time
  35. Decided to make health and wellbeing a priority for 2017
  36. Spent New Year’s Eve on Westminster bridge with my parents and boyfriend, bringing in the new year with London fireworks!


Things I can’t quite put a proper date to:

  • Forming amazing friendships with the following fabulous people: Stevie Finegan, Grace Latter, Chris Moore, Kasim and many more in the form of work colleagues!
  • The moment I properly realised that I was working in the industry I had set out to do before starting my degree
  • Starting to feel at home in London
  • Becoming one of those people who has shoes specifically for commuting
  • Tripled my blog views in contrast to 2015
  • Posted 83 times on Howling Reviews
  • Doubled my social following and invested time in my blog
  • Read 46 books (13,876 pages)


Top 10 books of 2016:

This year I tried to be a little more experimental with the genre of books I read, branching out further than YA fiction. Looking back, even though I’ve reached a wider spread of genres in 2016, it was still very UK and US centric. In 2017 I’d like to a wider spread of authors from across the globe.

  • What Belongs to You by Garth Greenwell
  • Nod by Adrian Barnes
  • In the Dark, In the Woods by Eliza Wass
  • Under Rose Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall
  • Nina is Not Ok by Shappi Khorsandi
  • The Creeper Man by Dawn Kurtagich
  • The Countenance Divine by Michael Hughes
  • 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough
  • Affliction by Kasim
  • Grief is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter

I’m truly excited for the possibilities 2017 has. I’m loving my London life!

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