University: Going Home – The End of First Year

University- Going Home

It’s a peculiar feeling being woken up by your mum at 9:30am, after a week of not being up before 1pm at my university accommodation. Especially when you’re not only forced to get up, but getting involved in chores was one thing I didn’t expect on my first day back within the nest.

I’m only home for two weeks before heading back into the wide world to start my 10 week internship and it feels like such a short period of time to spend with my family after being apart from them this year. It was only after I’d thought about it properly that I realised I’ve not moved back home, but I’m not living independently either. Limbo. That’s my current point in life.

University; the limbo between childhood and the big wide world – I’ll let you decide which is your personal heaven and hell. It’s a weird mixture of independence with a hint of puppeteer’s strings attached to it. Testing the waters, before plunging in head first.

I live far enough to feel like I live my own life, without answering to anyone (this can also get quite lonely sometimes) and yet, I am close enough to be sprung back by the strings set on me. Maybe I planned it that way subconsciously when looking for a university, but I guess I’ll never know. There were several factors that played into what university I picked but I can’t remember them all exactly.

I do feel like this year of cooking, cleaning and fending for myself (in most parts) has helped me realise how to appreciate my family and everyone around me, because they drive me to be the best I can be. For that I am ever grateful.

I lost my grandmother in 2009 and she was a big part of my life. She always had a smile on her face and losing her was one of the toughest things I’ve faced. But, because of her amazing inspiration and constant love, I began writing a lot more and, at this point in my life, I began writing more poetry and found the passion that I now have today.

I set five resolutions for myself this year:

1 – To finish the Novel I began in 2010.
2 – To lose weight.
3 – To increase my online presence.
4 – To sell one copy of my poetry collection. (This is now published!!)
5 – To write a poem every day this year. (Which I unfortunately did not complete, I may write a blog explaining why over the next few days. You can find up to day 125 on my deviantART)

Now that I have finished university until september, I endeavour to work a lot more on my novel and this is part of what this blog is about. I hope to introduce a potential readership to some of the characters and write about the process of writing and how I’m getting on. I aim to have a first draft done before December 31st 2012 and this is the one resolution I am determined not to break.

I am now going to add one thing to this list which will replace my last attempted resolution:
5 – To be more active in society with regards to volunteering and charity.

I’d like to end this blog here and ask you to share how you’re feeling at the end of your academic year, or if you’re not in academia what summer means to you?
I’d also be interested to see how other people are doing with their resolutions so far!

Until next time!
Kyra x

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