Review: How I Found You By Gabriella Lepore

How I Found You By Gabriella Lepore


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I really enjoyed this book. It was the first one that I read after an extensive reading slump. I found it easy to read but captivating enough to sit down and read in one go!

The plot of the novel starts off where our female protagonist Rose sets out to visit her family in Millwood, like she does every summer since her parents are always travelling. We’re introduced to her archetypal relatives who breathe an air of welcome and homeliness with their new baby and seemingly large estate. It’s not long before we’re then introduced to the other two main male protagonists Oscar and Caicus Valero. When I first read their characters they reminded very much of vampires in the way they charmed their way into the lives of Rose’s aunt and uncle but I was very aware that this was in fact not a vampire fiction.

The main part I love about this novel is Rose’s characterisation and her growth. She is of very sound mind and brings strong opinions forward from the beginning. Being the only one who’s not charmed by the Valero brothers initially, she appears stubborn and rightfully dubious of their intentions. When it becomes clear to her that she’s different to the rest of her family in that respect, she asserts her stance towards them immediately. She’s feisty and takes no bull, which I really respect in a character who’s only sixteen. One thing I couldn’t call her is a Mary Sue, she’s not a protagonist where things just happen to her, to an extent this is what occurs, but she combats this with her own agenda and doesn’t take anything sitting down.

In contrast to this Oscar is a more mild character, when he has dreams of Rose he aims to get closer to her. My favourite scene is their first scene alone in the woods (I shall say no more) because his resolve to hide from her quickly dissolves. Even knowing that she suspects him and doesn’t trust him, he still trusts her, which I found really interesting considering he knows exactly what his reason is for staying at her family’s house.

The plot had a fairly interesting twist but I enjoyed it as it reminded me of Fallen by Lauren Kate which is another brilliant novel in the field of paranormal fantasy. I would definitely suggest that you read this book if you’re looking for a new insight into the paranormal and fancy a bit of romance. What I’ve read of magic in contemporary literature has been very much a sisterly bond between witches and this definitely gave the theme a breath of fresh air!

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30 Days, 30 Reviews: Day 7: Pretties By Scott Westerfeld

Pretties Scott WesterfeldPretties By Scott Westerfeld

SPOILER ALERT: This is a sequel and therefore may contain spoilers.

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Tally is pretty now, after sacrificing herself to rectify her mistakes. She has a new life in New Pretty town. Reunited with Shay and Peris, Tally has the life she dreamed of when she was a young ugly. She still plays pranks and even has a new boyfriend in the works. But what happens when her life in the smoke comes back to retrieve her? Who will Tally pick, Zane or David? And will she be able to keep bubbly even though her mind is now that of a pretty head?


I found this sequel to be a bit disappointing. Even though I felt that the tension on the romantic side was well written. I feel like it was all one big lead up to the final chapter (which I won’t divulge). I felt like a lot of the book was simply a filler for the next novel, where I’m hoping everything will start to explode!

Tally’s character is faced with the dilemma of staying pretty or going back to her old life? Her physical appearance may have changed but she wants her ugly mind back, or bubbly as she calls it. I like the idea that by playing pranks and doing things filled with adrenaline she is able to reverse what the Specials have done to her. I also think Zane’s character is written well. He is a fun but also pensive character, which I didn’t expect at the beginning.

Overall, this novel did not exceed expectations but I did enjoy it. It is a good set up to the next novel with lots still going unanswered and I will be interested to see how things pan out in the third book “Specials”.

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30 Days, 30 Reviews – Day 5: Jet By Jay Crownover

Jet Jay CrownoverJet (Marked Men #2)

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Sequel to Rule, Jet is an enigmatic romance about a man who doesn’t know how to commit and a woman whose family trials has led her to lock away her emotions. Ayden is a student who works part time at a bar, and Jet is a musician and music producer. Jet’s family life has left him unwilling to commit, but he cannot stop himself from flirting with Ayden. This all becomes more enthralling with the added factor of Ayden and Jet living in the same house, along with Cora, they’re tattoo artist friend. Can they figure out their own problems to allow themselves the love they want and deserve?


Jet is a fantastic New Adult novel with heated arguments and even more heated romance. Jet’s character is tempestuous but proud. Jay Crownover’s writing is both sexy and serious simultaneously. Her portrayal of the “bad boy” is definitely a unique and I would suggest honest portrayal.

Ayden on the other hand, is a feisty woman. She takes no prisoners and knows exactly what she wants. And she wants Jet. But she won’t allow herself to admit it. Her moral dilemma about her family gives her character an unknown depth that we don’t see in the first novel from her friends perspective. She has her weaknesses but she refuses to show them to anyone. She has an admirable façade and her personality is not unforgiving.

Crownover writes in a way that really emanates the emotions of her characters. She you feel what the character feels. When Jet left for his tour, I genuinely felt the sense of loss on the part of both protagonists. This is something she does consistently throughout the book.

She also makes good use of foregrounding to make sure that the novel runs at a steady pace and the foregrounding acts as a bridge between earlier scenes. It also helps build tension for the end of the book where all ties that seemed loose begin to tie together.

A well written emotive book. I cannot wait for Rome in January.

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