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Synopsis of The Keeper

The Keeper is the second in the Vega Jane series. Having not read the first one myself I can only discuss the second novel as a standalone. In  the novel, Vega Jane and Delph have just crossed the high wall from Wormwood into the Quag.

The Keeper David BaldacciThey face some pretty difficult situations from a mad king to Vega discovering more and more about her family’s past. As the work their way though the circles of the Quag they are constantly in fear of their probably imminent death but venture on in a courageous manner picking up some friends along the way.


*Please note: I received this book gratis in order to provide a review. This review is my honest opinion and is unaffected by the receipt of this for free.*

As I mentioned, I’ve not actually read the first book in this series so when I was asked to review The Keeper I was dubious that I wouldn’t be able to follow the plot or fully appreciate the already semi-developed characters within it. However, I was pleasantly surprised. David Baldacci managed to create a narrative that was referential to the first book but in the same way that any book refers to past events outside the narrative. There were a couple of moments at which I wished I had read the first book but I was pretty much content in reading The Keeper  as a standalone. However the cliffhanger the book was left on will definitely encourage me to pick up the 3rd in the series and while I wait for that I’ll have a look into The Finisher, the first of the series.

The character interactions where intriguing. The already established relationship between Delph and Vega is shaken up by Petra, which adds for an interesting sub-plot. This potential romance is still a mystery but had a distinct air of innocence to it that is overly suitable for the demographic.

The magical elements for this book where spot on. The part it plays in the later novels I imagine will be even more hefty and I look forward to them. I would consider this middle novel the preparatory one of the big finish in the next book as it included a lot of character development and clear learning on the part of Vega.

All in all, if you’re looking for a refreshing take on magical worlds then this is definitely a series to take a look at. Baldacci is a seasoned writer who knows exactly what he’s doing and can pull it off very well.

Here’s the book trailer for the series:

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  1. This sounds like a very interesting read. I’ve heard a lot about David Baldacci’s books but I’ve never actually read one. Both book covers are also really cute.. I would definitely pick these up just by looking at their covers.
    Loved your review 😉

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