Review: The Dead House By Dawn Kurtagich + AUDIO TOUR

The Dead House has a special place in my bookish heart because Dawn is an amazing person. She’s so kind and helpful and willing to give novices like me writing tips whenever I pop up randomly on FaceBook.

I see Dawn as really inspiring and to watch her book go from being just a manuscript, to then being the equivalent of the One Ring to all literary agents and finally the announcement that the book would be published. I feel like I’ve watched Dawn go from being a Writer to an Author and it’s something I’m extremely proud of her for but also immensely inspired by. Dawn has proven to me that if you have the written skill you will succeed and I hope that one day I can join her in that feat.

The Dead House is an all encompassing novel. Like Shakespeare wrote the historical tragicomedies, Dawn has managed to write a psychological-fantastical young adult thriller and if that wasn’t enough the structure is simply exquisite. The combination of diary entries, psychological reports, interviews, police reports all span together to create an intricately woven narrative. It baffles me that Dawn has managed to create such a fabulous piece of literature and do so with a brilliant outcome.

Carly and Kaitlyn are brilliantly complex characters and while they appear one in the same they have entirely different personalities. The well executed merging of multiple personality disorder with magical undertones is flawless and the communication between the two characters is almost comical.

If you’ve had the chance to read Dawn’s book already then please do check out the GoodReads page and leave a nice few words:

If you haven’t read the book yet then check out this amazing audio clip of Dawn herself reading a section!

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