Review: On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher

On The Other Side is Carrie’s second book and debut fiction novel. This book is a sweet debut that will make you swoon and tear up at the same time.

Rating:★★★ (3.5)


On The Other Side is a story of true love, heart-break and soul searching. Evie Snow finds herself on the other side of heaven waiting to move forward. It’s only when she discovers that her soul is too heavy and filled with secrets that she can start to work on fixing it. The book follows Evie as she unburdens her soul of three secrets, introducing her family to her past life.

Review of On The Other Side

*Please note: I received this book gratis in order to provide a review. This review is my honest opinion and is unaffected by the receipt of this for free.*

This book oozes Carrie across every page. If you watch her videos, regularly or sparingly, then you will definitely understand what I mean. Even down to the vivid image of Evie’s green coat mirroring that of Carrie’s. This book will resonate with any of the Hopefuls because it emulates the personality that Carrie puts into the world. Evie has a golden vibrancy to her that is infectious, you can’t help but love her from the first page.

Carrie’s Writing

The reason I gave this book three stars is down to Carrie’s writing. Her characterisation is very safe and though as a whole this novel is sounds, I’d really like to see Carrie push herself further outside of her comfort zone. As a debut I think this proves the potential that Carrie has as a writer. She created a beautifully sad plot through magical realism. Even though the circumstances were a bit elevated beyond necessity, I think that the story of the Snows and Summers family is a tragedy. So much so that it emulates the hyperbole of a Shakespearian romantic tragedy.

I look forward to reading Carrie’s next book, if only to see what more she can bring to the table.

The Characters

Evie Snow 

Evie’s life is controlled by her parents. She gets one ounce of freedom to watch it all crumble before her and she spends the rest of her life trying to build herself back up. Evie’s story tugs at your heartstrings. You want things to work out for her to a point where it’s painful to consider it otherwise. You watch as Evie grows throughout the novel and learn the pitfalls of the real world.

Vincent Winters

If Evie’s story pulls at your heartstrings, then Vincent Winters will tear you a new one. Of everyone in this entire novel Vincent Winters has to deal with the awful turbulence of life again and again. The relationship between Vincent and Evie wasn’t perfect and much of that was due to the same reason that Evie has no freedom. Their love unfolds in a unique way that cannot be contested. Vincent is the kindest and more empathetic soul. Reading to the end of the novel, his conclusion is the most devastating.

Jim Summers

It’s hard to pick the nicest character in this book because they are all so lovely. That is their hamartia, their fatal flaw. Jim Summers’ fatal flaw is loving a girl he knows won’t love him back. Evie is his best friend and the woman that both their parents want him to marry, but she’s he only woman who can never offer her heart. He is the ultimate best friend, willing to sacrifice a true romance in order to help out Evie and her family.



I think this is a strong debut and there’s much more yet to come from Carrie Hope Fletcher. I look forward to discovering what that will be.

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