Review: Read Me Like A Book By Liz Kessler


A coming-out story, Read Me Like a Book explores the depths of heterosexual and homosexual relationships at a teen level. This book depicts the confusion that sexuality can cause perfectly.

Read Me Like A Book Liz Kessler

Review of Read Me Like a Book

Though I’m not sure I can appreciate the student teacher relationship connotations, these are only subtle and works within the narrative. Ashleigh is also struggling with her choices for the future and not knowing which university to apply for. She also has to combat dealing with finding herself while her current self also has friendships and a relationship to maintain.

Ashleigh Walker has feelings, but not for her boyfriend Dylan. Her relationship with Dylan throughout the book is very intriguing as it shows that sexuality is a scale and that you can have a connection with someone that is easily confused for as romantic.

Ashleigh’s road to coming out also allows her to challenge and embrace her personality and the way she currently lives her life. Kessler’s writing makes this possible for Ashleigh and the presence of Miss Murray acts as a catalyst for Ash to realise her own wants and emotions.

Overall this book is a great piece of teen fiction that depicts the process of coming out both to yourself and to others while dealing with other stresses such as school, friends and parents. Having looked at various reviews from people in the LGBT community, I can see that they recommend this as somewhat of a manual for teens who are discovering their sexuality and might need some guidance.

I would definitely recommend giving this a read!

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