Review – Devil’s Bargain by Rachel Caine

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Having never read any novels by Rachel Caine, but aware that she has written Vampire fiction, I was intrigued to pick up her book Devil’s Bargain. It’s a book that combines the power of string theory and psychic ability to create a mysterious investigative duo.  Not to mention the steamy moments too!
Jazz Callendar, an ex-police officer, never expected to find herself on the end of an unbelievable offer that enables her to start her P.I. business to save the name of her partner, Ben. When James Borden, attorney for Gabriel, Pike and Laskins LLP., offers her the chance of a lifetime, her instincts kick in. The catch? Their cases get priority and she has a new partner. Lucia Garza, sexy, sulty spy, who is just dying to get out from under the government’s thumb.  But they both find themselves in over their heads when not everything is as it seems. People are either Actors, Leads or they are not. Who will you be?
This book was a constant mystery to me, which I liked. The thrill of not knowing what Jazz and Lucia would face next and if they would be able to save the people that they didn’t even know existed prior to a letter from Borden. Ahh, Borden. The tension between him and Jazz was practically breathable and I was not disappointed.
If you enjoy a good conundrum and have an interest in psychic ability and its fallacies then I would definitely suggest this book. I would like to commend Caine on a well-researched novel, her detailed knowledge of the forces and law were very believable and gave the novel a new found authenticity.

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