Review: The Creeper Man by Dawn Kurtagich + Giveaway

The Dead House, Dawn’s debut was a thriller fiction masterpiece. She has excelled herself this time with an even more tragic and gruesome tale. The Creeper Man is sure to be a hit that will leave you lying awake in the early night hours.


The Creeper ManSynopsis

Silla and Nori are forced out of their home in the cold dead of night. They trudge through the woods to La Baume, their mother’s childhood home, where their Aunt Cath still lives.  What they don’t know is that once they’ve arrived they won’t be able to leave. The Creeper Man won’t let them. They’re sweet escape soon becomes a new form of imprisonment and Silla tries he hardest to hold on to a normal life for the sake of her little sister. But the Creeper Man won’t let them.


*Please note: I received this book gratis in order to provide a review. This review is my honest opinion and is unaffected by the receipt of this for free.*

Dawn Kurtagich has produced a brilliantly complex and terrifying piece of literature. The Creeper Man is a haunting novel about two sisters told from the perspective of Silla, the older of the two.

Initial Feelings

I want this review to be spoiler free. So I’m going to try my hardest not to give anything away about this incredible book. If there’s a sign at the top then you know I’ve failed. Dawn’s style of writing is very unforgiving. She won’t sacrifice any amount of unthinkably grotesque description in the hopes of sparing your lunch that day. When you pick up this book you should make sure it’s on an empty stomach. When I started reading I have to put the book down on several occasions, go make a cup of tea and come back. My mind was in two places; one side completely perturbed by the increasing delusion of Silla’s thoughts and her surroundings and the other desperate to know how all of these pieces fit together.

Dawn’s Writing

Dawn has a magic for weaving together a plot that fits perfectly, on top of her descriptive ability, and provides different mediums to accomplish this. The book is in 6 parts, classed as a book each, each chapter and section is embellished with a small poem, the kind that you would hear in dark fairytales. Within chapters some begin with a ‘Broken Book Entry’ and end with a note from Silla to herself. Each of these elements combined really feed the feeling of a shattered mind and a stone heart. My favourite elements are the broken entries and their dual messages. They are particularly clever and I didn’t even realise until mid-way through reading!


Now let’s talk about the characters. The Creeper Man is a perfect example of an unreliable narrator. Silla is beyond a doubt struggling to deal with everything that’s happened to her and her sister. She plays the thoughts over in her mind and is haunted by her father’s voice. Nori on the other hand appears mentally unaffected by the traumas but her missing teeth speak otherwise.  Nori writes sporadic journal entries, the only time we hear from her, and these add to the validity of Silla’s fears. Her characterisation is so innocent. The comparison of her to a mouse, as she is a mute, is quite possibly the only adorable moment in the book.

Silla and Nori’s bond is fiercely strong. Their bond is one of the most prominent relationship in the book. They are inseparable. Silla even goes to the extreme of saying Nori is the only thing she loves. This resonates heavily towards the driving of the narrative. Without Nori, Silla would be incomplete and the strength of that relationship is vital.

I want to talk about The Creeper Man next. Not a character as much as an ever present being throughout, The Creeper Man represents the classic horror trope. Hardly seen but always there. The Creeper Man, without even doing anything, is terrifying.

Overall, this was a stunning piece of literature. I’m proud to know Dawn and have watched her career as an author flourish. I hope you love this book as much as I have. I really truly do.


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  1. The Creeper Man sounds right up by street and reading the review it’s living up to its name. Thank you for the chance. Haven’t read a good horror book in a while for some reason. Might be the one to get me back into the genre.

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