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Synopsis of Built

Built is the first of the Saints of Denver series. A side-series that originated from the Marked Men.

Built Jay CrownoverBuilt is written from the dual perspectives of Sayer Cole and Zeb Fuller, both of whom are connected to Rowdy. Sayer is a lawyer who specialises in family law, but has struggled with her own familial connections all her life after the death of her mother in her teens and the cold shoulder she received from her father. On the contrary, Zeb’s life is so entangled with his family’s that he went to prison in order to save his sister.

Wen Zeb discovers he’s fathered a child, he entrusts the newest member of his family into Sayer’s hands and their relationship unfolds.

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*Please note: I received this book gratis in order to provide a review. This review is my honest opinion and is unaffected by the receipt of this for free.*

Jay Crownover never fails to disappoint me. Her ability to create a combination of sexy and flawed characters is unrelenting. Sayer has a hard exterior after years of never being good enough, but she melts so naturally every time Zeb is around. Her character isn’t soft and submissive, but she also is a character you can empathise with and see a multitude of sides to. She know’s what she wants and she’s willing to work towards it but is equally terrified of doing so. I’m a sucker for character development and Sayer is someone you see blossom as the pages turn.

On the other hand Zeb does a lot of his own growing as he learns how to become a father. His character is somewhat more predictable. Big, hulking male, in a labouring job, learns to be delicate and patient, except Zeb is already the latter. He’s sweet and not at all like you would expect of an ex-con. He’s someone who’s learnt his lessons the hard way and is willing to make up for them any way he can.

Their romance is a tricky one as Sayer has issues mixing business with pleasure but neither of them can quite help themselves when it comes down to it. Their encounters are exciting to read and had me turning (or rather swiping as I was on my eReader) the pages as quickly as I could consume them.

One person who adds an interesting dimension into this couple’s romance is Hyde, Zeb’s son. Normally with Crownover’s previous books they’ve been all about the relationship and how it comes together but Hyde is just as much a part of this novel as Sayer and Zeb. He’s the glue that brings them together and for Sayer to accept Zeb into her life she has to accept Hyde too. It’s not something you see a lot of in romance fiction and it was refreshing to do so.

Overall, this book was a strong novel and maintained the high standard of romance that I’ve come to expect from Jay Crownover. I look forward to the next in the series and I’m sure I’ll love that just as equally!

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