Pushing Through Doubt

Some days, writing seems so easy and the feeling of having something to say carries you through the tiredest moments. These days are ones I struggle with, when I can’t seem to locate my motivation, either through sheer lack of energy or the constant fear of not being good enough or worth reading.

Self-doubt is one of the biggest factors in not meeting your full potential, simply because you can’t fathom what that potential is or don’t see it as something within reach. I think a lot of creative people probably struggle with this. We like to consider ourselves as these agonised beings, struggling through sufferance. When often we can be our own biggest problem. Some things I’ve tried to try and push past these thoughts of fear or doubt:

  • Removing myself from the environment – going for a shower, run or even just moving to a different space.
  • Collaboration – talking things through with people can help reassure
  • Positive reinforcement – combining a known strength with something you’re less sure about and hopefully reinforce a positive attitude
  • Making mistakes – sometimes the only way to learn is to try

Today, I struggled with what to write about. Tomorrow, I might look back and just think this is a load of waffle. But the important thing right now is that I stuck to a commitment of blogging regularly.

Tomorrow I’m taking a trip to the hospital before work, so I might introduce you all to my health issues and how I deal with them on a daily basis.

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