My Favourite Bookshop!

So everyone!

I’ve never actually spoken about this before, but I wanted to introduce you to this little gem I like to call my book haven. Now this is technically my favourite second-hand book shop so all of these books have already seen at least one cycle of love and attention.

Now for those who don’t know I like to collect traditionally leather bound copies of texts, particularly poetry. However, I don’t have the funds (yet) to stock myself up with first editions of copies so I tend to hunt these copies down in second-hand bookshops!

Of all the ones I’ve been to, the one that consistently provides good quality and well loved editions of books and poetry for reasonable prices has always been the Oxfam Bookshop in Headingley, Leeds.
It’s not in the city centre, about a 40 minute walk but as a uni student it’s also a really good place to find copies of books that other students have left behind, unwanted after finishing their course.

I’ve always had a great experience there and more often than not there are also students working the desk and they’re happy to help you if you want to i
nquire or if you want to chat about the books you both enjoy!

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