Mortality and a Car Crash

Happy new year all. This will be my first post in 2015, sorry it’s not totally book related, I want to branch out this year!
Tonight I find myself blogging about something entirely un-book related.  On Friday 16th Jan night  at roughly 7:30pm, I was driving along and suddenly I felt my body float across the road. My car had skidded on black ice. I felt my car move as if it were my own body; wheels sliding like feet across the ice and the complete loss of physical stability. My fingers powerless at the steering wheel as it turned in one direction while the car glided the other. Everything from that moment instantaneously slows but despite the damage to the car, both I and my boyfriend walked away unscathed.
I keep replaying the moment. What I could have done differently. I could have let me boyfriend drive, but then what’s to say that it wouldn’t have happened anyway. I could have driven slower, but I was already driving way below the speed limit. I could have done a multitude of things but looking back in retrospect isn’t going to disappear the experience or the mounting bill for car repairs. Thankfully the car still worked and was minimally damaged so we spent three hours warmly watching BBC iPlayer while we waited for recovery.
The entire thing left me thinking about mortality and the reality of how anything can happen to anyone at any moment. I’m not trying to up play the incident. Yes – it was terrifying. Yes – I will be driving with a lot more apprehension but I still know there was little I could do with something that I had no control over. And it’s a far better outcome than many people could hope for.


But it does make me think about the verisimilitude that comes with the mantra Carpe Diem. Though I will always be a worrier, I’m hoping I’ll worry a little less because I know first-hand that even if you take all the precautions and try to live to the letter not everything is going to work out how you expect. You can be prepared for a wreckage and you may never see one coming, you may get a few dints along the way but ultimately all you can hope for is a smooth ride.

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