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So things have been pretty hectic the past few weeks. I’m trying to get on top of a lot of things and because I’m working full time, I’m finding that I don’t really want to do much when I get home on a night-time. I also try and occupy my weekends by visiting people because I know when University kicks off again, I won’t have as much free time to do so.

My editing process is going slower that I thought, I have about 33 pages edited so far out of 100 already written. I will be happy though if I can finish editing before I go back and then begin the new academic year by continuing to write.

I’m keeping up pretty well with vlogging at the moment. I have a fair few ideas I want to try out so I’m looking forward to putting them into action! I’m trying to post about 2 videos a week currently which is going well so far. When I go back to Uni, I might have to decrease the number to 1 but I’m waiting to see how busy I am!

NaNoWriMo will soon be coming around (I know what you’re thinking it’s still 3 months away, but I’m debating with my time currently) so I have started to write down a couple of ideas, but I don’t want to get too excited incase I don’t have the time. I may consider doing the camp next year around June time though, if I can’t do it this year.

Some of my friends are saying goodbye to a close friend, David Boulton, I would just like to say that we may not have known each other very well but he will be dearly missed by all his friends and family. My heart goes out to all those close to him.

Kyra x

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