How Blogging Has Shaped Me So Far…

I sat and thought a lot about what I wanted my first post to be about when coming back into the fold. And, I don’t really know what I expected either? I go through peaks and throughs with writing on my blog but this year so far has been a real low point.

I’ve found that when going through a rough patch in my personal life, I withdraw from the digital side of things. For various reasons, because it’s one less thing to think about; because then I don’t have to explain myself to twice the number of people; because then I don’t have to feel like I’m hiding my emotions or putting on a persona for the sake of writing something.

This latter point is one that really stuck with me, it made me really think back to some of the content that I’ve created over the past five years of blogging (yes my blog officially turned five years old yesterday). In those five years, I’ve written a grand total of 200 blog posts. Most of them over the past three of those five years. I started to wonder: what have I really learnt in all this time? Yes, I’ve gained a lot of practical knowledge on how to run a blog, but what have I really learnt about myself?

I do feel like if nothing else, I’ve learnt how to dedicate myself to something that I’m passionate about. No matter the number of times I’ve taken a break or not written a post for a couple of months, I always come back to blogging.

However, I don’t really feel like I’ve been my full true authentic self on a lot of occasions and part of that feels down to the fact that I often feel stifled by the box that I’ve put myself in with blogging, feeling like I can only be a book blogger and not something more. This is something I really want to change about the shape of this space going forward. Although Howling Reviews has and always will have a prominent space for books and book blogging, I want this blog to reflect a part of my personality that not everyone gets to see in my day to day life.

I think that there are still a great deal of things that this experience has to teach me and I’m excited to discover them.

Here’s to another five years of blogging, another five years of brilliant friends and many more after that.

(Also I couldn’t get away without saying a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my gal pal Grace)

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