Guest Review: Monster by C J Skuse

Today’s review is written by Beth over at Words From A Reader. We thought it would be fun to do a review swap so you can check out my review of Monster over on her site.


Synopsis of Monster

Nash is facing a tough time as boarding school. Her brother has been declared missing and could even be dead and her work towards becoming Head Girl may be in jeopardy. To top it all off Nash has seen the Beast of Bathory, but she cannot believe her own eyes. The book goes from one mystery straight to another as people start to go missing left right and centre. When the Christmas break begins and only a few girls left in the school, everyone becomes desperately terrified when their Matron goes missing.


I had to see it more clearly. I had to know if it was there for sure, the thing I’d been seeing for weeks now, darting across fields, hiding around corners, vanishing behind trees.”


This is the second time I’ve read this book and I loved it just as much as the first time I read it!

In this book we meet Tash, she is currently at a boarding school which has a story about the Beast of Bathory who only comes out round winter and kills. Tash is looking forward to going home for Christmas until her brother goes missing and her parents have to fly out to where he went missing to help with the search and she has to stay at the school for the holiday with some other students and the Matron. There is a rumour at the school, that a beast roams the grounds at Christmas time and no one really believes in this until the matron goes missing and the girls are left terrified at the boarding school.

Even though I knew what was going to happen in this story it still had me gripped from the very beginning and shocked by the ending again, it is that good!

I really enjoyed all the characters, Tash was a great character! I think she was a great main character, she had so much to deal with, the beast, trying to become head girl, her brother going missing and the cute boy who works at the butchers not far from the school.

I really loved her friend Maggie, she had me laughing so much in this book, even when things were getting worse she had me giggling and was able to light up a situation sometimes.

You may think this is just another boarding school story, but you’d be wrong. This book has a lot of suspense, gruesome moments and funny moments! It was a great scary read that I think would be perfect for the Christmas time as it is set at Christmas, so if you’d love to read a creepy story at Christmas then I would suggest this one! CJ did a brilliant job with this book and it has become one of my favourites of 2015.

Don’t forget to go and check out Beth’s blog where she reviews YA novels and discusses bookish news.

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