The Grand Tour: Natasha Farrant’s Favourite Classics

Natasha Farrant is the amazing author of Lydia: the Wild Girl of Pride and Prejudice, and while I fully intend to write a full review of her book, I urge you to read it! This book is a brilliant homage to the epitome of classical literature. Farrant puts a unique and nostalgic spin on the character of Lydia Bennet that adds a completely new and intriguing dimension to her life.


natasha-farrant-prefThere’s just something about reading the classics – something about reading words that were written decades, even centuries ago, that still feel as fresh and relevant today as when they written.  Often dismissed as dull, it’s as well to remember that as far as they were concerned, their authors were not living in the past, but were alive and kicking and trying to sell books, writing about the sort of things that have motivated humans for hundreds of years and still motivate us now.

My TOP favourite, of course, is PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.  Others include (but are not limited to):

THE GREAT GATSBY by Scott Fitzgerald (1925)

Set on Long Island just after World War I, this is Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, the story of a small town man who has made it big on dodgy dealings. Ambition, deceit, love lost, love found again and the fickle of nature of fame and popularity.

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee (USA, 1960)

Based on a shocking trial that took place in Lee’s hometown in 1936 in the American Deep South, in which a black man stood accused of raping a white girl. Social injustice, prejudice, courage, integrity, growing up, standing up for what you believe and one of the best examples of parenthood in the history of literature.

lydia-website-678x1024JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte (England, 1847)

An orphan girl is sent away to boarding school by her mean relatives, nearly dies, gets a job, falls in love, is cruelly deceived but lives to triumph over adversity.  Bullying, injustice, love, passion, fire, madness, drama and feminism, all against the stunning backdrop of the Yorkshire moors.

WAR AND PEACE by Leo Tolstoy (Russia, 1860s)

It’s almost impossible to summarise Tolstoy’s 1000 page masterpiece – War! Peace! Napoleon! The burning of Moscow! Elopements, betrayals, balls and intrigue! I have a particular fondness for it a/because it’s phenomenal and b/because it was the last book my grandmother read before she died (for the third time). Because it’s so big and she had become so frail, she used to tear the pages out as she read it to make it lighter!

Thank you to the lovely Natasha for coming on to my blog and discussing her favourite classics and while I would disagree when it comes to The Great Gatsby, my love for Jane Eyre is well known!

What is your favourite classic? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @HowlingReviews.

Also if you’re a lover of classical literature or want to try reading more of it then you should check out The 2016 Classics Challenge hosted by @theprettybooks!


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