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Rule by Jay Crownover is a New Adult Novel that focuses on the lives of Shaw Landon and Rule Archer. Shaw loves Rule but can he look past her past relationship with his twin brother? One night changes everything and after that they are forced to address their future.

Where do I possibly begin with this book except by stating that it is the sexiest book I’ve read this year so far. New Adult is a fairly new genre concept and so the definitions are still somewhat hazy. However, I feel this book fits that genre to a tee. It is filled with romance, angst, sex and real life issues while also having similar trials as, say, a classical novel; as it looks at the contrast between bourgeois and proletariat using humour and satire to address it.

Crownover’s writing style is both descriptive and honest and her use of dialogue is brilliant. The characterisation of Shaw and Rule create a unique dynamic that really sets this book aside from others. Shaw is a confident, sassy woman who studies and tends a bar. Whereas Rule is a deviant who works in a tattoo parlour. Two people who couldn’t be more different but somehow seem the best thing for each other. When we meet Shaw she isn’t in the best of situations, her relationship with her parents is crumbling and she desperately needs to concentrate on her degree, but she can’t stop herself when it comes to Rule.

I genuinely enjoyed reading this book and found it quite addictive, the characters evolve with the plot. It surprises you at multiple turns. I don’t want to say too much more about this other than that you should read it, because I don’t want to spoil it for you!!

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