Game Review: Randomise – Draw, Act or Describe Your Way to Victory!

randomise game

One of things I’d like to do more often on my blog is start to review games as well as books! So when the lovely folks over at Randomise got in touch, I was only happy to say yes!

Randomise is a feel good family game with all the sillyness and tom foolery you’ve come to anticipate from any form of entertainment. The game combines everything you love from charades and pictionary, not only that it comes in a nice neat box and is so convenient to store and take with you.

Randomise Front Box

The idea behind randomise is that you split off into teams (team size and number of teams dependent on the number of players!), then each team takes it in turns. One player from the team announces if the level of play (Easy or Hard) and how you are going to play (Draw, Act or Describe). You then proceed to pick 3 cards and the other team will give you a number to correspond to each of the cards.

Randomise Back Box

Card A will describe you.

Card B will  describe what you are.

Card C will describe what you are doing.

e.g. a frightened octopus snowboarding

You can gain a maximum of 6 points per go, 1 for each card correctly identified and bonus points for guessing all 3 cards (1 point for Easy, 3 points for Hard). So if you’ve got a fantastic team, you could win in as little as 5 goes!

Randomise Cards

Playing Randomise was great fun. Everyone had a blast and came out with some fantastic impressions and drawings! I would definitely recommend this to any family with young children, but also just to a group of adults who are looking for a fun night in. I can imagine that this game would add a whole new level when played whilst also having a tipple of wine!

Karen from Will and Grace

Randomise can be bought from

*Please note: I received this game gratis in order to provide a review. This review is my honest opinion and is unaffected by the receipt of this for free.*

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