First Impressions Adventure Time: The Original Cartoon Title Cards Seasons 3 & 4

This book is absolutely jam packed of amazing Adventure Time art and I can’t help but envy the creativity of the people who put it together! There are so many amazing artists that collaborated on this piece and I can honestly say that each and every one of them has done a fabulous job. I’ve taken some pictures of my favourite pieces but first let’s start with the cover.

Adventure time 1

The cover for this art book is filled with all your favourite characters. From a frightened Lumpy Space Princess to Jake and Beemo playing a game. Alongside the Ice King and two sides to Princess Bubblegum. The only missing face is Finn the Human (he is on the cover but apparently I didn’t capture him)! Each piece is refined with an artistic flare but still portrays the boldness and eccentricity of the series.

As you start turning the pages you begin with the introductions and some smaller cartoons as asides.

Adventure time 3

My favourite image of the entire piece is the one of the gender-bent Jake, Finn and Bubblegum riding on a black steed. Beyond that the ‘Conquest of Cuteness’ comes a close second!

As you move further through the pages (it took me a while to get my photos done because I was so enamoured by the magnificent art), you start to be treated to full page spreads of title pages. The more detailed and in depth they become the further you move.

Adventure time 2

Overall, this is a great piece to give as a gift to someone who loves Adventure time and I think it makes a lovely colourful addition to any bookshelf!

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