Bout of Books 8.0 – Day 2 + Challenges

Current Readathon Status:

– The Strange Power By L J Smith (250 pages) – COMPLETED
– The Possessed By L J Smith (236 pages) – COMPLETED
The Passion By L J Smith (121 of  211)

Re-title it Challenge

So I have chosen to rename The Strange Power since I just finished it.


The book follows Kaitlyn Fairchild who is different from other girls her age. She has a power, that has caused her to become an outcast, shunned by her peers. Her power allows her to draw the future, but the things she sees scare people and never tend to be pleasant. That is until she is asked to join in an experiment, told that her power can by useful and with the promise of a college scholarship, she agrees. It is only when she comes to be settled with new friends and a possible romance brewing that things start to take a turn for the worse. She is there only a week before mayhem starts to occurs and she discovers that the Institute might not have told her everything about their plans for the five psychics.

So I decided to rename this book “A Witches Canvas” because in the book Kait often gets referred to as a witch. At first it is a term of insult from her peers at her previous school, but I slowly becomes positive and connotes her strength as a psychic, which partners well with the development of her power. I also chose this title because it relates directly to Kait’s power, which is her using her mind to create images on canvas that forsee the future. Not only this but it is a metaphor for her mind as later in the series she no longer needs physical materials but can use her mind to draw images.

So yes that’s my progess so far today! I will update this blog at the end of the day to let you guys know how I got on! Let me know what you’re reading today too!!

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