Bookshop Visit and Mini Haul: Camden Lock Books

While making a whistle stop tour of London, I happened to be going through Old Street Station, which fascinatingly has exits surrounding a roundabout. When exiting I discovered a small hub of brilliant shops and pop-ups such as a delicious doughnut stall. However, my eyes instantly fell on the neatly situated bookshop in the corner.

camden lock booksA tantalising array of books immediately appeared at the glass windows. When I walked in I was mesmerised by how many books could fit into the small space. This bookshop was a TARDIS and Mary Poppin’s bag rolled into one.

There was a large variety of books and I was particularly taken by the gorgeous old leather bound books (as you may not know I love to collect them) though I resisted this time. Behind the till there is also a small shelf filled with very dainty miniature books. These are completely readable and have a very authentic finish to them!

Moving on to what I bought while I was there. Naturally the weather in England was awful that day and I was particularly unfortunate enough have been rained on. I wasn’t taking any chances with my new purchases so I salvaged them inside a Books Are My Bag tote.

The six books I purchased while there were:

 Mini Book Haul

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops by Jen Campbell

Penguin Little Black Classics:

No. 23 – The Tinder Box by Hans Christian Andersen

No. 73 – The Fall of Icarus by Ovid

No. 55 – Antigone by Sophocles

No. 63 – The Night is Darkening Round Me By Emily Brontë

No. 68 – The Robber Bridegroom by The Brothers Grimm

If you happen to live in London I would definitely urge you to go and check out this little gem of a shop as I found myself wanting to explore every oddly shaped nook and cranny to find a bookish surprise. They also have a website where you can purchase from and a twitter.

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  1. My brother recently moved to Camden, I haven’t yet been to visit. I think this shop sounds like a must visit though. Love the sound of the leather bound books.

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