Blogger Spotlight: The Bookish Bunny

Bunny Hopkins Blogger Spotlight

In an attempt to become more involved in the blogging community, I want to spend a bit of time (probably once a month) praising other bloggers who I think contribute a lot to the blogging community and have really cool stuff to say. So here is my first Blogger Spotlight.

This month I’d like to feature Bunny Hopkins over at  The Bookish Bunny.

(Update: Bunny’s website is now Pretty Chronic)

Bunny is one of the people who’s blog I’ve followed for quite a while now and I always enjoy hearing about her crazy new hairstyle or what she’s listening to at the moment. She’s also the first person I’ve known to be happy about her camera equipment breaking:

My main love for Bunny’s blog goes to her photography skills and her constant ability to inspire. Bunny’s blog is one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging more and here we are! Almost a third of the way through OCtober and I’ve maintained it.


Her Raw Honesty Photo Series is always fascinating both from a photographic perspective and reading about her inspiration for the shots. Bunny is very aware of herself and her emotions and I find that such a key aspect of her writing. She creates a connection between her words, the camera and you, which is a hard thing to do. Some of my favourite shots from her blog:

You can also check out her Instagram account – she has strong Insta-game.

Beyond blogging, Bunny also puts a heck of a lot of effort into creating regular YouTube videos. This is actually the original reason I started getting to know Bunny, through our BookTube channels! Bunny has branched out into lifestyle, vlogging and beauty but her videos are always brilliant. A couple of my favourite are:

One of her most recent videos to relaunch her channel, YOUTUBE IS LIKE MAKEUP, has the perfect blend of comedy, sincerity and, much like her photography, raw honesty.

Another is her video, REVENGE:Gerard Way Look-alike, because it combines the worlds of music and beauty in an unconventional way. And who doesn’t love Gerard Way??


I asked Bunny what blogging means to her and this is what she replied:

What blogging means to me? Blogging means freedom. Freedom of creativity, freedom of speech, freedom from all the barriers placed in my way. Freedom from pain, and freedom from sadness. My blog is a place where I can be entirely and authentically “me”, and documenting the evolution of that “authentic me” is something very special. I’ve always been told I’m “too much Bunny” for the world, but I’m never too much Bunny for my blog.

I can say with 100% surety that she is my favourite Canadian-Welsh blogger/vlogger!

So if you want to check out more of Bunny you can do so at the following places:




Images used with permission and copyrighted to Bunny Hopkins.

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