Blog Tour: The #tommyvcancer tour in aid of Tommy Donbavand

Tommy Vs Cancer Blog Tour

Tommy Donbavand is a children’s author who recently began to undergo treatment for cancer. The month long #tommyvcancer blog tour devoted to him and his books. I’ve added all the details about the tour and how to help Tommy at the end of this post.

 Tommy V CancerReview: Just Bite

Just Bite


Sally Hagen dresses in black, buys expensive purple candles, and hates the fact that her Mum orders greasy, takeaway meals from the Just Bite website night after night.

When Carlos – the geek with a crush on her from school – delivers the latest dial-a-dinner, Sally figures the evening can’t get any worse.
That is, until the lights go out and a scream pierces the night…


This is a great book for young teens who want something a bit of fast action. Tommy has a great nack for taking small parts of reality, like Just Eat and put a vampiric twist on it. I also liked how Tommy approaches the subject of repelling vampires. As well as, stereotypical aspects of vampirism such as only being able to enter a house once invited.

Though this book is very small by my usual reading standards (it can easily be read in one sitting and with family) the book has a massive amount of detail. You gain a whole understanding of Sally’s family life and everything that happened before the story begins leading up to Sally’s mum constantly ordering for Just Bite.

I would definitely love to see this be taken further as a storyline and see how Sally develops through the vampire apocalypse to come. She was a really cool typical teenager who stepped up to the plate when needed.

Tommy is also the author of the Scream Street Series and Fangs: Vampire Spy.

Scream Street Fangs

Why We’re All Getting Involved

As you all know, we’re doing this blog tour to help raise awareness and donations for Tommy Donbavand as he battles cancer. Find out more and how you can help contribute at the following places:

Patreon Link
Paypal Link



Tommy is the author of the popular 13-book Scream Street series for 7 to 10 year olds, published by Walker Books in the UK and Candlewick Press in the US.  His other books include Zombie!, Wolf and Uniform (winner of the Hackney Short Novel Award) for Barrington Stoke, Boredom Busters and Quick Fixes For Kids’ Parties (How To Books), and Making A Drama Out Of A Crisis (Network Continuum).

In theatre, Tommy’s plays have been performed to thousands of children on national tours to venues such as The Hackney Empire, Leeds City Varieties, and Nottingham Playhouse.  These productions include Hey Diddle Diddle, Rumplestiltskin, Jack & Jill In The Forgotten Nursery, and Humpty Dumpty And The Incredibly Daring Rescue Of The Alien Princess From Deep Space.  He is also responsible for five episodes of the CBBC TV series, Planet Cook (Platinum Films).

As an actor, Tommy played the Clearlake MC in the West End musical Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story for over eight years. In addition to roles in the movies Zombie Love Stories (where he battled hordes of Scottish undead) and Going Off Big Time (where he was beaten up on a bouncy castle).  A veteran of pantomime, he has portrayed just about every comic character from Abanazer to an Ugly Sister.

Tommy lives in Lancashire with his wife and two sons.  He is a HUGE fan of all things Doctor Who, plays blues harmonica, and makes a mean balloon poodle.  He sees sleep as a waste of good writing time.





There will be four main giveaways sponsored by various publishers and agencies throughout the tour. They will be hosted on specific websites. 


The first giveaway is already up and you can enter here.

Keep your eyes peeled for the rest!


Twitter Chat

To end the tour, Vivienne and Chelley will be hosting a twitter chat.

This will be on 30th June 2016, 8 – 9pm.

The hashtag for the chat is #tommyvcancer.

Make sure you follow their twitter accounts @Serendipity_Viv and @ChelleyToy.


Follow the rest of the tour by checking out tomorrow’s blogs by Tales of Yesterday and Maia and a Little Moore.

#Tommyvcancer Tour 3

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