Author August: Mintie Das – The Fear of the Unknown

Author August- Mintie Das - The Fear of the Unknown

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I was born in India, raised in the US and grew up following my father in his UN job that took us around the world. In many respects, my life has been as crazy of an adventure as the journey Charlie, Sadie, Liu, Raquel and Ingela are on in Storm Sisters, my YA series about five girl pirates sailing the high seas in the 1780s.

Just like my characters, trekking the globe has left me with a lot of stories. And while I fully embrace the thrill, the excitement and the joy of exploration, like my Storm Sisters, I understand the fear that comes with it.

Originally, I had imagined Storm Sisters as a light-hearted sea adventure. However, as I began writing it, which in my case is more about listening to my characters then just making stuff up, I found myself re-connecting to the mystery, darkness and insecurity that comes with discovery. In fact, I wrote the first book of the pentalogy, Storm Sisters: The Sinking World, while I was working for a UN consulting agency that had me travelling to different countries almost every month. It was on a business trip to Asia when I was briefly separated from my group that I was once again reminded of the fear of not knowing what lies around the corner. In this age of smart phones, it can be hard to imagine. But when I was a kid living in Yugoslavia just after the fall of communism or visiting Nagaland, a remote part of India that was closed to foreigners, the fear of the unknown was constant.

That same fear is the undercurrent that threatens to drown Charlie, Sadie, Liu, Raquel and Ingela as they search the world looking for the people who murdered their parents. In the 1780s, when all they have are instincts and a cutlass for protection, the unknown isn’t just around the corner, it’s everywhere they turn. From Mother Nature with her hurricanes, tornadoes and wild creatures to enemy pirates and other horrors, the Storm Sisters are in constant jeopardy. That danger isn’t a plot device—it’s the reality of their lives.

Storm Sisters

That shared fear of the unknown is at the core of the girls’ sisterhood. The Storm Sisters aren’t actually related. Seventeen-year-old Charlie is English/American and the self-appointed captain of the crew. Sixteen-year-old Sadie is from the Caribbean. The “twins,” Chinese Liu and Spanish Raquel are fourteen-years old. Finally, eleven-year-old Ingela is a Viking in training hailing from Norway. From the friends I made on my travels to the childhood pals back home, I continue to reach for my “sisters” when I’m afraid. Likewise, the unconditional support that the Storm Sisters give one another when facing their fears is what forms their bond.

Individually each girl is strong but together they are powerful. The Storm Sisters’ collective dynamism helps them face their fear of the unknown. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don’t. Either way they have each other to get through it which makes all their fears a little less frightening.

Storm Sisters by Mintie Das is published in eBook by Bastei Entertainment – available via Amazon

My personal thanks to Mintie for taking part in Author August!

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