Author August: Jacqueline Ward – Why I’m Putting Money From My Sales into a Missing Persons Charity

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Following the publication of my novel, Random Acts of Unkindness, I’ve decided to donate to a missing person charity for every paperback sold. Whilst this may sound like a marketing tactic, there’s much more to it for me.

Random Acts of UnkindnessThe idea for Random Acts of Unkindness arose from me reading a book about the Moors Murders, Beyond Belief, many years ago. I live close to where the murders took place and close to Saddleworth Moor, where the bodies of the poor children were buried. Anyone living in this area could not help but come across the stories of the families affected by the murders.

A conversation with my mother about our cellars being searches, and a throwaway comment from a friend that there were rumours that all the bodies had not yet been found made me think more about the suffering people must go through when they have a missing relative, but nobody has been found.

My research took me to the Missing People charity and the Salvation Army, both helping the families of the missing. The valuable work they do in this area cannot be underestimated, for both the missing and for their families, and in bringing them together again.

I also talked to families of missing people and realised how real their suffering is, and how, under almost impossible circumstances, they have to continue with day to day life.

Jacqueline WardI’m an action person – my motto in life is ‘do something’ so I wanted to try to give something back to the charities for the help they have given me in my research and for the fantastic work they do. So I will donate for every paperback sold and encourage people to donate directly through the charities’ websites to help those missing and their families.

Random Acts of Unkindness follows the stories of two mothers, decades apart, searching for their missing sons. The backdrop of the Moors Murders hopefully paints a scenario of realism in the story and allows readers to see Jan and Bessy’s stories through the lens of context.

There is no time limit on the donation, I will continue to donate from my net royalties as for as long a time as people buy the paperback.

My personal thanks to Jacqueline for taking part in Author August!

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