April Wrap-Up: The Month of Audio

April Wrap Up: A Month of Audio

April was a particularly sluggish month for me when it comes to reading. I started experimenting with audio books but haven’t gotten into them yet.

Having been on holiday for the first 3rd of the month and then returning to see family and friends, I’ve spent a lot of time enjoying other things!

So this is a very concise wrap-up. I haven’t finished a single book this month…

jaw drop

SHOCKING I KNOW… but hear me out.

I recently decided to properly try audiobooks, having not realised that audiobooks are a much bigger commitment than regular books. For the following reasons:

  1. They are normally 10+ hours, for book of around 250-300 pages. This would normally take me about half the time to read.
  2. They’re even more solitary than reading. With a book you can be in the company of others and still present while reading (even though I’m normally in a world of my own!). However with an audiobook, it feels a bit rude to sit with headphones on.

So this is partly why I didn’t finish a book this month, because I’ve got not one, but TWO audiobooks on the go right now. These are:

The Lie Tree, by Frances Hardinge – I’m 45% done

The Fellowship of the Ring – I’m 25% done

As well as this I’ve also been reading Moranifesto by Caitlin Moran during my commute to work. This is proving to be a long stretch as well. I want to really absorb what Moran is saying and this book is taking longer than anticipated because of it. I’m now about 50% of the way through this, so I’ll keep pushing on.

I’m hoping that May will be a good bookish month and I can get plenty of reading underway!

What did you read during April? Tweet me @HowlingReviews.

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