A Week Without the Internet

A week without The Internet

This week has been particularly interesting for me, not simply because I moved into a new house, but because I’m currently without the internet and will be for a few more days at least. I have the internet at work and on my phone, but somehow it doesn’t seem to be the same. I’ve spent time doing various other things, such as watching TV (I’ve watched a lot of TV compared to the normal amount I watch), painting and reading. These are things that I do enjoy doing, but never seem to find the time to do.

I’ve realised that I spend too much of my time on the internet. Not in a particularly bad sense, I’m quite pro-active on the internet and among various social media sites, but I’ve realised that this has severely prohibited doing other things. The question I have to pose to myself now is, when I get the internet back, will I change this?

The answer is I don’t know. I enjoy spending my time on the internet, but do I enjoy spending that time on the internet at the expense of my other hobbies?

Not only this but I use the internet a lot to connect with my friends, who now live in various parts of the country due to University/work and this also made me realise that this ‘technology era’ has abhorrent affects on the way we communicate. It seems that without access to Facebook, Twitter and other social media, you appear cut off from the world. It makes me wonder if even texting is now a trivial affair next to social media? Skype has quickly conquered most of the MSN world, but will it take away from the phone industry too?

There are two things I do when I turn on my computer, which I can pretty much guarantee is every day:

Firstly, I open Google Chrome and begin by opening between 7-8 tabs. These tabs consist of all the accounts I check on a daily basis. This is another issue with the internet. It is quite easy to lose track of all the things you’re signed up for unless you keep a list or sign up to receive regular emails from that website.

Secondly, I turn on Skype, this is my connection to all of my friends who I talk to regularly using the chat function. Even though Skype has the capability to call friends with/out video. We still only use the chat function. This makes it easy to do multiple things at once. People wonder why attention spans are dropping.

Despite the negative view I seem to have given towards the internet in this blog, I spend all my time on it, so I  feel I can say that there are obvious up sides and the communication capabilities are immense. Being able to talk to someone, who could possibly be at the other side of the globe, is a fascinating concept and the speed at which it is capable is just mind-blowing.

The internet has increased the capability to do so many things, but sometimes its nice to just close the laptop and go back to traditional hobbies.

My new video should be up soon. It’s difficult to do it with limited internet. I am ready to film my first “Books to Big Screen” video though so keep an eye out in the next few days!

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