30 Says, 30 Reviews: Day 9 – House of Decadence by Marina Anderson

House of Decadence Marina AndersonHouse of Decadence By Marina Anderson



At twenty-three, Megan Stewart feels that there should be more to life than working in a library, so she answers an advert for a post in a country house – and discover what she has been missing. Handsome Fabrizio Balocchi is far from this Tuscan home and feeling bored. But he instinctively knows that Megan will be a natural player in his games of domination and step by step, he leads her into a darker world, a world where pleasure is mixed with pain. Now Megan must decide how far she is willing to go in order to stay in Fabrizio’s house of decadence.


This book was not what I expected at all. I knew it would be erotic and I expected mild cases of BDSM like in some of the other adult books I’ve read. However, what I didn’t expect was a totally disrespectful patriarchal sex fest where characters are used and replaced at the make protagonists will. This isn’t a book about being released sexually through new experience, it’s about how it can be used to own another person which I didn’t find appealing at all. This book is one of my least enjoyed in the year. When I read Haven of Obedience by Marina Anderson, I wasn’t too keen on her style or her form but at least it had some educated notion of itself and the characters understood their situation. I don’t feel like this book provided that and I wouldn’t recommend it.

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