30 Days, 30 Reviews – Day 5: Jet By Jay Crownover

Jet Jay CrownoverJet (Marked Men #2)

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Sequel to Rule, Jet is an enigmatic romance about a man who doesn’t know how to commit and a woman whose family trials has led her to lock away her emotions. Ayden is a student who works part time at a bar, and Jet is a musician and music producer. Jet’s family life has left him unwilling to commit, but he cannot stop himself from flirting with Ayden. This all becomes more enthralling with the added factor of Ayden and Jet living in the same house, along with Cora, they’re tattoo artist friend. Can they figure out their own problems to allow themselves the love they want and deserve?


Jet is a fantastic New Adult novel with heated arguments and even more heated romance. Jet’s character is tempestuous but proud. Jay Crownover’s writing is both sexy and serious simultaneously. Her portrayal of the “bad boy” is definitely a unique and I would suggest honest portrayal.

Ayden on the other hand, is a feisty woman. She takes no prisoners and knows exactly what she wants. And she wants Jet. But she won’t allow herself to admit it. Her moral dilemma about her family gives her character an unknown depth that we don’t see in the first novel from her friends perspective. She has her weaknesses but she refuses to show them to anyone. She has an admirable façade and her personality is not unforgiving.

Crownover writes in a way that really emanates the emotions of her characters. She you feel what the character feels. When Jet left for his tour, I genuinely felt the sense of loss on the part of both protagonists. This is something she does consistently throughout the book.

She also makes good use of foregrounding to make sure that the novel runs at a steady pace and the foregrounding acts as a bridge between earlier scenes. It also helps build tension for the end of the book where all ties that seemed loose begin to tie together.

A well written emotive book. I cannot wait for Rome in January.

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