30 Days, 30 Reviews: Day 2 – The Possessed By L J Smith

The Possessed L J SmithReview of The Possessed


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The Second Book in the Dark Visions Trilogy finds Kaitlyn and her four psychic friends following a trail to nowhere. They are looking for the house in Kaitlyn’s dreams in hopes that they will be able to save them from Mr Zetes. Meanwhile, Gabriel is harbouring secrets of his own and Kaitlyn must figure out how to help him without increasing the tension between he and Rob. Can the People of the Crystal help her?  We’ll find out in this novel.


I found this book to be more focused on the development of the characters, because for the majority of the plot they are travelling there are mostly subtle changes in their whereabouts. But mostly the focus is on the romance brewing between Kait and Rob and Gabriel’s mysterious secret. Anna and Lewis are left at the picket fence a bit, they’re characters receive little to no attention and act mainly as fillers and voices of reason between the main trio who seem to take the spotlight in this novel. The addition of Lydia is an interesting development though her part seems minute at first she becomes key in the decisions Gabriel makes. The ending to the second novel wasn’t a total shock to me but it did add to the sinister nature of the plot and give the novel a cyclical value in that it reminds the reader of the original struggle the character’s face and sets up the climax for the third novel. Overall I did enjoy this sequel but I feel like it was overpowered by the romantic aspects to a degree (especially when the reader was aware of what the characters were not.)

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