30 Days, 30 Reviews: Day 1 – The Strange Power By L J Smith

So to celebrate my new blog design and URL I’ve decided to set myself a challenge! I’m going to bring you one review each day for the whole month of September! Starting today there will be 29 more to come! Some will be books I read a while ago and others will be books I read this year. Think of it as a bit of a catch up session. Anyway hope you enjoy and here’s day 1!

The Dark Power L J Smith
Review of The Strange Power


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The book follows Kaitlyn Fairchild who is different from other girls her age. She has a power, that has caused her to become an outcast, shunned by her peers. Her power allows her to draw the future, but the things she sees scare people and never tend to be pleasant. That is until she is asked to join in an experiment, told that her power can by useful and with the promise of a college scholarship, she agrees. It is only when she comes to be settled with new friends and a possible romance brewing that things start to take a turn for the worse. She is there only a week before mayhem starts to occurs and she discovers that the Institute might not have told her everything about their plans for the five psychics.


This is a great first book to a well-rounded fantasy trilogy, by acclaimed author L J Smith. The third person narration adds to the effect of feeling the emotions of multiple characters, despite following Kaitlyn for most of the novel. L J Smith gives you reasons to keep reading from the mystique of the institute and the brooding dark personality of Gabriel that contrast Kaitlyn’s innocent nature. This book has a great twist though slightly expected. The overwhelming amount of mystique that the Institute emits can only mean trouble. I did find the plot gripping and the elements of romance are well moulded into the story, because even though they are in the institute only a week, it feels like a lot longer. However, I still wasn’t totally convinced by the immediacy of the romance.

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